About Contemporary Artist Oxana Fesik

Artist Oxana FesikContemporary Artist Oxana Fesik was born in Siberia. She graduated from the classical art school Surikov.

From an early age I loved to observe nature and talked to her both as a close friend, as well as with some higher power, the presence of which I clearly felt her whole being. In this deeply personal communication I found joy and the strength to survive in a tough Siberian climate and oppressive Soviet reality.

I spent my childhood with the feeling that I was born at the wrong time and in the wrong place. And like any child, I would like to share the joy of seeing the world. In search of the means of expression, I instinctively turned to painting and this process overtook me completely. Painting has become my salvation.

As an adult I began a deliberate internal search which helped me realize my spiritual need. In one of my trips to India, I was in the temple “Oneness Temple.” Going through the various processes there, I had the unique experience of higher states of consciousness that I have tried to show in my collection.

The collection was exhibited in Miami and in Moscow in 2012 and than in Monaco in 2013. In March of 2014, the collection will be on display at the gallery “La Galerie du Gildo Pastor Center a Monaco” in Monaco.